About Us
We are an officially licensed company that is based in Kuala Lumpur and is governed by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia since 2011 and our license number is KPK/LN: MM2H 0526. The nature and objective of our business is to ensure that expatriates who wish to retire or invest in Malaysia can receive consultancy and advisory services in regards to the MM2H visa permit and other expatriate services. Furthermore, we are a full active committee member of MM2HAA (MM2H Agents Association), and our Membership Number is M-202.

The Company is headed by William Teo, our director that has close to a decade’s experience in the MM2H field, and cater to expatriates that come from all around the world, for instance, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Iran, United States, Australia and many more, Mr.Teo, as a veteran in the MM2H field, has a plethora of experiences that has continued to improve our servicing standards as to meet the requirements of clients from all over the world. Furthermore, we also provide after services support, such as finding a suitable home to settle down and an international school for their children.

We strive to provide the best experience and services and we have collaborations with numerous local and foreign partners and we are still looking for more partners in order to enhance and maximize our services and investment opportunities to our clients, while also developing long-term relationships with our clients and also our external partners internationally.

The company, alongside an abundance of experience, is led by a team of committed professionals that strives to deliver high quality services to all our clients and external partners. Furthermore, Malaysia is considered as one of the most promising countries of the world, with its diverse culture and sophisticated infrastructure alongside world-class healthcare services which earned them the first place in the Best Healthcare in the World category of the 2019 International Living Annual Global Retirement Index. In brief, we aim to concentrate all our efforts to develop tools and skills in order to promote Malaysia as a whole in an international scale.

Why Choose Us





 Higher Approval Rate
We have a 99.9% Approval and 100% Satisfaction rating to make sure every applications are successful. Helping you plan for a better tomorrow, Today.

 Licensed Agent
We are a licensed agent that is authorized and governed by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. We ensure that the processes are handled by professional agents.

Furthermore, Agents help save the time and energy needed to travel multiple times for the purpose of applying the MM2H program.

 Reduce any possible trial and error
Agents are experienced veterans in the MM2H program that will ensure all documentations are proper and accurate prior to the submission of the applications.

 After-Service Supports
Our agents can assist with any issues throughout your future life in Malaysia. Moreover, we can also assist you in finding a home and school for your children.

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